Are you interested in starting out your new year with 14 days of consistent yoga practice? If so, we are helping make it easy for you to fit into your daily life. Listed below are links to videos for each day. Please send us a note and let us know if you are making it happen! You do need to be a member to log on and join the challenge. If you are not currently a subscriber, please go here to join!

Day 1: Unwinding from your day: Less than 15 minutes to help you unwind and prepare for a great night’s rest. (12 minutes)

Day 2: Wake-Up Sequence: This shorter sequence is designed to wake up your body and get you ready for the day. It focuses on building heat and deep stretching through the hips. This sequence is also a good mid-day stretch if you sit throughout the day. (19 minutes)

Day 3:Wake-Up Call: not just for mornings, this sequence is designed to wake up the body in the morning (or any time of day). This sequence offers many standing poses and is good for those with sore knees and hips. (22 minutes)

Grace and Space: hen time is limited, this quick sequence is an energizing flow that both strengthens your body and improves your flexibility. (21 minutes)

Standing Tall: This sequence (from our Essential Series) will warm-up your core and then move into some standing and balance poses. This is a lot of fun, so enjoy moving through the sequence. (30 minutes)

Learning to Turn Upside Down: A 30 min. flow dedicated to helping you bravely turn upside down for handstand.
 (30 minutes)

Well-Rounded Flow: This 25-minute flow includes a little bit of everything to create a well-rounded practice even when short on time. (25 minutes)

Longer class options:No Shortcuts-moving to Handstand: Developing strength as we move toward the goal of handstands (without using a wall) using a Vinyasa Flow. (1 hour)

Well-Rounded Flow with balance work:60 minutes of Vinyasa Flow with plenty of poses to build strength and confidence for Sirsasana (Headstand Pose). (1 hour)