If you are interested in joining me in a monthly challenge, I invite you to practice the 5-minute handstand challenge each day, for 30 days! Even with only five minutes, I’ve included many options and variations. So whether you are a beginner or have been practicing yoga for a long time, this quick sequence you will teach you how to gain strength and balance to so you can press into a handstand without the help of a wall! There are no shortcuts to the things worth having. The same truth applies to handstands. To do them well, they take practice and consistency!

If you haven’t been in a handstand since you were a kid (or ever), here is a short list to why handstands (and other inversions) are worth giving a go!

-The effort needed to learn to balance and press into a handstand are upper body and core strengtheners.
-Going upside down boosts your mood!
-The blood flow to your brain has an energizing and calming effect.
-Inversions help reduce the production of cortisol (stress hormone) and relieves stress and anxiety.
-Going upside down has a way of changing your perspecitive!

Please let me know if you are joining me this month! I love to hear how your practices are going and what keeps you motivated!