I’ve been a mom for almost seventeen years now. A few things I’ve learned about myself along this part of my journey.

-I first learned I wasn’t very patient, I have practiced patience, prayed for patience, gained some patience —and can still lose patience when television and electronics are essentials and cleaning up after one self is not.

-Being Mom is risky. As a wife, I first shared my heart with my husband, and then each child. The longer I live, the more imperfect I realize I am… and my husband and kids are just as human as I am. I’ve learned that my perspective, and often change in perspective, can go a long way in parenting (and being a wife)—and where I find my joy.
– At times, my heart tend to think more about itself then those around me. It is hard to give up the notion that I am wrong sometimes; or even if I never feel I was wrong—just might not get what I wanted.
-Being a Mom is rewarding and fun! Daily I am reminded on how amazing it is to see your kids grow up into people. Their talents, their personalities, there style and physical traits – so cool!
-Being a Mom (when you have a child between the ages of 9-13) often means some sort of breakfast in bed. It is really a bonus if one of your children enjoys being in the kitchen. 😉
-Being Mom is a gift. The opportunity to help raise the next generation, to impact the future for the better. Each stage you pass through with your children is an opportunity to know them and yourself better. And mostly, helps you see what you value the most. What you spend the most time teaching them and living out before them-that is what you treasure the most. “Where your treasure, there your heart is also.” I love my family, yoga, running, gardening, great coffee, and a whole lot of other things, but of all the things I want to share most with my kids – it is that my faith in God makes me who I am, more then anything else. My faith can be weak or strong; I may be struggling or joyful; but God is always the same. No matter how I feel or what I think—if I remain fixed on His truth, He is who allows me to stand when the winds are pressing in and and my knees are weak and I feel uncertain. He is who I want my kids to long after, more then any other.