About One+One Yoga

One+One Yogo logoWe chose the name, ONE+ONE YOGA for two specific reasons. First, we provide the opportunity for anyone to practice yoga with a teacher, anywhere and anytime. Every one can benefit from a yoga practice, so we share the knowledge and tools to help you develop a personal yoga practice, no matter your time restraints and location.

Second, we believe yoga is a wonderful practice for mind and body; but on a more fundamental level, we believe there is just one God—and our truest and best selves are found in knowing Him. ONE+ONE’s philosophy is rooted in the belief that God created us, loves us, and desires a personal relationship with each of us, one on one.

Time spent on the yoga mat is about finding whole health—mind, body and spirit. Some of the benefits that come with a consistant yoga practice include increased strength, more flexiblity, decreased stress and anxiety, and increased calm and focus. In traditional yoga, the physical practice of yoga (called Asana) is used to learn how to quiet the mind. Our desire is that as we learn to quiet the mind, we are able to put our selves aside, and hear from God. Then, we will find not only who we are created to be, but the strength and boldness to live that life.